What is Direct Practice?

Put simply, direct practice (also known as a "retainer" or "concierge" medical practice) is a distinctly better way of delivering health care to patients. It's a direct relationship between you and your doctor, without the interference of a health insurance company.

It's a New Approach

"Stop, listen, ask" - you'll hear Dr. Heidi Rendall say these words often because they are the steps she takes to provide excellent health care. She stops to listen to you and asks the questions necessary to properly diagnose and treat your health concern. This approach is a significant component of retainer medical practice.

It's Consumer Driven

Consumer Driven means that a Direct Practice places the consumer in the center of the process. Time with the physician depends on the number and nature of the health concerns of the consumer. This approach also allows time for patient teaching and discussion of prevention plans in an unhurried environment. During the conversation the physician and patient construct a treatment plan together, allowing for more input from the patient.

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