How Direct Practice Works

Although there are varying models, a Direct Practice Model is financially based upon a number of patients who agree to pay a monthly fee based upon age groupings to a primary care physician who directs their care and is available for advice on sudden illnesses on a 24/7 basis. Because the patient panels of these direct practices are smaller, there is most always same day availability for office appointments or phone consults. The number of office visits per month per patient is usually unlimited. Additionally, a free annual physical is part of the package.

The patients set up financial arrangements with the physician's office, are charged according to their age grouping and have full control of deciding upon the number of months they would like to pay for at a time. All monies are kept in a non-interest bearing Trust Payable Account in their name and are available for immediate refund should they decide to leave the practice. On the last day of the month one month's fee is deducted from each patient and placed in the operating account of the practice.

The focus of the direct practice is a blend of prevention and illness management, where there is no additional charge for office visits. The only additional charges would be a nominal charge for anything such as injectable medications or vaccines, which the practice pays for separately.

Simplicity is the key to this model and the patient is the beneficiary.

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