Office Visit: The usual way of addressing medical problems allows the physician to observe, touch, listen and examine the area(s) of concern. Family practice standards require an office visit a minimum of every three months to renew any ongoing prescription medications. This may be increased to more visits depending on the type and nature of the medication side effects.

Sports Physicals: For secondary school sports (grades 6-12) we recommend and offer a sports physical . Please bring in the exam form with you.

Complete Physical Exam: The physical exam is a yearly comprehensive exam and assessment which includes vital signs, wellness check-up, in-office urinalysis, veni-puncture (blood draw), PAP for women, consultation with physician, and EKG as needed. The price of the laboratory blood tests and EKG (for Single Care) are additional to the exam.

Telephone Consult: Follows within one month of either an office visit or physical where additional data, or follow-ups are needed to discuss issues brought up at time of the office visit or physical. There is no charge for a Telephone Consult for Enrolled patients. For Single Care patients who were seen for the same issue within the past 30 days, a flat fee is charged.

Home Visits: Physician visits once monthly to the home are available to the home/facility bound and infirm elderly. This is a separate demographic group and there is a monthly/quarterly charge according to the Fee Schedule.

Medications/Vaccines/Supplies: A nominal fee to cover the cost of medication/vaccines will be charged, if needed, for medical or treatment supplies. A printed copy of additional charges is available at the Reception desk.

Medical Needs After Office Hours: Dr. Rendall is part of a physician call group, who regularly cover for one another during the evenings/nights on weekdays and over the weekend. Please have pencil and paper ready, at the end of the telephone recording is the name and number of the physician on call for that particular day/night or your enrollment folder contains Dr Rendall's pager. All enrolled patients may call her pager when she is not on call. PLEASE CALL 911 IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING CHEST PAIN OR IF THIS IS A LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY.

Prescription Refills:
Single Care Patients: Many medications require frequent monitoring. Because the Single care option allows sporadic office visits, on-going prescriptions for single care patients will need an office visit prior to authorizing refills which are given for a three month period of time.

Enrolled Patients: Because of the ongoing relationship and more frequent office visits where enrolled patients are monitored, prescriptions can be refilled by asking your pharmacy to fax us your refill request. Since there are no extensions of refills, Single Care patients are asked to keep track of their medications and call for an appointment one week prior to the end of the prescription.


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